Do You Believe in Mermaids?

One of the reasons I decided to become a Lifestylist® is because I wanted to live my life differently. I like choosing my own road and seeing where that takes me.

Dana Richardson, internationally known as Dana Mermaid is another person who lives her life her way and has developed her own brand message as being a real-life mermaid. Her background of being a Marine Mammal Naturalist, Underwater photographer, Free Diver, and ocean guide has given her the knowledge to transform herself into what up until now has been a mythical creature. Her website has wonderful photos of how this real-life mermaid explores the seas.

As part of her journey, she has become known as a "dolphin whisperer" and has come to know many wild dolphins and whales. She recently hosted a Soul in the Sea Dolphin Benefit event where they premiered the film "Soul in the Sea" by Amy Taylor.

After hearing about Dana, we can't stop thinking about going to visit her and learning more about the world of mermaids. With Summer almost behind us, swimming with wild dolphins and mermaids as well as learning more about the ocean sounds like a wonderful place to be.