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Happy Holidays From The Lifestylist Family

 Happy Holidays from the Lifestylist® family to yours! May it be filled with laughter, love, memories, and of course, great food!


One of our favorite finds at the Las Vegas Market was  Poppy and Pout lip scrubs and balms. They were kind enough to share a sample, and it sure came in handy! 

With as dry as Las Vegas usually is, having their lip scrubs to keep our lips soft and keep them from cracking was a miracle product. What first caught our attention was the fact that they are 100% natural, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. These are so good Oprah had them on her Favorite Things! They have some great-looking gift sets that would be perfect for holiday gift giving. You can find them on Amazon and try them out for yourself.


For years I have had this blog, and to be honest, I have neglected it. There are always not enough hours in the day, money in the bank, and too many great opportunities to not take advantage of. Of course, I want to do the right thing and create a more sustainable lifestyle - who does want to be healthier for themselves and their families? 

I always thought that the small changes that I could make wouldn't make much of a difference, but I was wrong. If that is the attitude that everyone has, then I am scared about the future and the world that we will be passing on to our children, and grandchildren. 

Being a Lifestylist has a lot of different meanings, but practicing being an Eco-Lifestylist is something that has become very important to me. After suffering a few traumatic bouts of COVID, and reaching some age milestones, moving towards a healthier lifestyle as far as what I put in my body as well as what I put into landfills, and my buying habits have become a priority.

Beko came on my radar a few years ago when I attended the 2019 International Builders Show. They had some product concepts that I was so impressed with, their press kit has been on my desktop ever since. 

So when a dear friend asked me if I had ever heard of Beko, I immediately said yes and told him how impressed I was with what I had seen. He let me know that he was the new President of Beko US, and asked if I would like to join him on this adventure as a member of his Healthy Kitchen Council. Of course, I said yes, and what an exciting adventure it has been so far!

There is going to be a lot more to come, but I wanted to let you know that I plan on making this blog a resource where you can find great products, ideas, and recipes to make your life a little bit healthier. Hoping that you will come back often!

Welcome 2021!

We can't wait to get this party started! Hoping that your new year is filled with friends, family, love and laughter.


One Cup Coffee that is 100% Compostable

We love the convenience of one cup coffee makers, but the pods that most of them use are horrible for the environment. There is always the option of visiting our local coffee shop and making sure that they compost the grounds and use environment-friendly cups, but when that isn't possible, we have found a solution.

Fortunately, we have discovered SF Bay Coffee. Their coffee is so darn good we can't start the morning without it anymore. They share that "Our single-serve pods and bag are made from compostable materials, including a paper lidding, plant-based ring, and mesh coffee filter. Commercially compostable only. Check locally as facilities may not exist in your area." 

They are available on Amazon at a price that rivals most of their competitors, plus you'll be doing something good for our planet.

Rebuilding Green After Hurricane Katrina

It's hard to believe that's it's been 10 years since Katrina set her eye on New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. So much of the media was focused on New Orleans, but the entire Gulf Coast especially in Mississippi has yet to fully recover from her wrath.
When it became obvious that there was going to be extensive loss of housing, the Manufactured Housing Institute and the manufactured housing community sprung into action to make sure that people would have a place to live that was safe.
A few years after the storm MHI's magazine: Modern Homes had an article written by Lifestylist® Suzanne Felber with photography by Lisa Stewart Photography that shared what progress had been made, and what an important part of the rebuilding process manufactured housing played.
You can read a copy of the article here.

Solar Housing That's Built in a Factory

It's amazing what opportunities are becoming available with modular and manufactured housing.

Steven Lefler and Modular Lifestyles have just launched a new home designed with Roof Solar Shingles that are installed in the factory. These shingles fit right in with traditionally styled shingles and can be a real game-changer as far as solar energy.

We can't wait to see more examples of these beautiful homes.

Do You Believe in Mermaids?

One of the reasons I decided to become a Lifestylist® is because I wanted to live my life differently. I like choosing my own road and seeing where that takes me.

Dana Richardson, internationally known as Dana Mermaid is another person who lives her life her way and has developed her own brand message as being a real-life mermaid. Her background of being a Marine Mammal Naturalist, Underwater photographer, Free Diver, and ocean guide has given her the knowledge to transform herself into what up until now has been a mythical creature. Her website has wonderful photos of how this real-life mermaid explores the seas.

As part of her journey, she has become known as a "dolphin whisperer" and has come to know many wild dolphins and whales. She recently hosted a Soul in the Sea Dolphin Benefit event where they premiered the film "Soul in the Sea" by Amy Taylor.

After hearing about Dana, we can't stop thinking about going to visit her and learning more about the world of mermaids. With Summer almost behind us, swimming with wild dolphins and mermaids as well as learning more about the ocean sounds like a wonderful place to be.

Locally Grown

We saw this sign at one of our favorite farmers markets in Canandaigua NY - we couldn't agree more!

Sustainable Design

There are lots of people who talk about green building, but there are very few that actually can do this type of construction beautifully. Molly McCabe and her company A Kitchen that Works is one of those people, and it's worth a visit to her website to see what can be accomplished.

Walking To Find a Cure For MS

I was shocked to find out a few years ago that a woman I always called my fairy godmother because of how much she had done for me and my career was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She really showed me the real New York City by sharing her friends, sources, restaurants and the other things that make New York such a special place.

Because Babette has never been a person to sit around and feel sorry for herself she started Team Hanky Paws to help raise money to find a cure for everyone afflicted with this disease. I got this form Babette today, and I hope that you will consider helping Babette and everyone else affected by MS.

Dear All,
Only 28 days to our Walk MS, I thought I’d tell you how team HANKY PAWS (the team, not the dog) was born…hoping I’d curry favor for a donation. If you can send $5 because it’s tax time (or whatever - no need to tell me) I’d be thrilled and grateful. So, I'll trade you a story for a donation:
I never had to tell my mother, but I couldn’t keep it my father, Hal. The only time I saw him cry tears of sadness was one time before, when Doris (our mother and his wife of 56 years) died. I dreaded his reaction - what had he done wrong? What had he done to me? It was horrible.
I’ve always felt it much harder on family and friends.
Hal was desperate to do something. He’d donate to The Society, but not a man of means, I decided we'd form an MS Walk Team. We walked 2 or 3 in NY, 1 in Rye Playland (see photo: L-R Valerie- our great friend from Croton who showed up to support HANKY PAWS, Tony Brown & Hal Holland holding Hank and Ruby).
This was the last MSWalk Hal went on.He still raced up and down the hills and had a wonderful time.
He passed away the following year and I couldn't walk without him, my heart broken, for a while after that. Now I also Walk because of him. Yesterday was his birthday and someday I hope to tell him on his birthday that HANKY PAWS is out of business - that they’ve found the Cure for MS.
I’m writing as I hope those of you who have donated before will do so again - $5.00 , $10, $20 -or whatever you can. Those that never have, that this will be your year to send $5.00 or more
For a tax deductible donation, please click below:
Babette’s link

Hanky Paws Link

If you cannot help at all, consider telling someone else about HANKY PAWS by posting our links anywhere, if you can. Everyone knows someone living with Multiple Sclerosis.
Thank you so much. Hope you’re all doing and feeling very well.
I’m so grateful and I know that Hal would be, too.
With love and great thanks,
Babette, Tony, Nancy, Ibo, Hank and Ruby

Happy Thanksgiving!

All of us at The Lifestylist Brands would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. May it be filled with family, friends, love and great food!

The Martha Stewart American Made Competition

BabetteIt's so hard to find companies that only make American Made products these days, but what's even rarer than that is a woman owned company that is over 20 years old and only sells American Made products. Babette Holland was making beautiful furniture, vases, mirrors, and accessories in her Tribeca NY studio when the World Trade Center was hit only blocks from her. She has always been an advocate for animals and was a huge influence before and after for getting animals off the streets and into loving homes. Shortly after that she was diagnosed with MS, but was worried about what the effect would be on her business if her clients and others knew she was struggling with this disease. She shared in her own words on our Lifestylist page what she has been going through, and how she has decided it is time for her to come forward and educate people about MS. She has been honored by having her company included in the Martha Stewart American Made contest, and is close to winning but needs everyone's help to help her over the finish line. Please visit the Martha Stewart page, enroll then you can vote up to 6 times a day until Sept. 22nd. Someone like Babette never asks for help, so I'm thrilled for a change I can be the one to help her dreams come true!